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SIBAY ISLAND has a size of approximately 3,000 hectares length 12.5 km and width 5 km with an elevation of 200 meters above sea level. Weather has 2 seasonal patterns. AMIHAN means a cool northeast wind, characterized by moderate temperatures, little or no rainfall and a prevailing wind from the east. It begins sometime in October to April or until first two weeks of May. It generally range from 77-90 degree fahrenheit or 25-32 degree celsius and will increase into 82-100 degree fahrenheit or 28-37 degree celsius range until onset of the Habagat season. HABAGAT means west or southwest wind characterized by hot and humid weather, with frequent heavy rainfall and a prevailing wind from the west. It begins late of May to September. During tropical storms temperatures can fall below 68 degree fahrenheit or 20 degree celsius.